When planning a wedding menu there are many things to consider. But just as important as choosing the food is, the serving method is important too. Review the points below to help choose between a plated menu or a buffet-style meal.

Formal or Casual Presentation

If you are striving for a very formal and elegant experience, a plated menu is a good choice. With a plated menu, food is served to each guest individually. This results in a more a personal touch. Especially when presented on the plate in an eye-catching way. For a casual wedding, offering a buffet gives guests the ability to get up and serve themselves at leisure.

Satisfying Every Guest

Almost every wedding guest list includes at least some picky eaters or those with dietary restrictions. With a plated menu, it can be hard to accommodate these guests. Therefore. they may not be able to enjoy the elegance to its fullest. Especially if the food presented includes things they don’t like or can’t eat. With a buffet-style, you can offer a variety of foods. This way, guests can choose from meal options they are sure to enjoy regardless of their taste or restrictions.


If your wedding budget is tight, buffet-style menus are typically less expensive since they require fewer wait staff. Plated menus also require additional time and labor to create the presentations on each plate.

Size of the Venue

With everyone getting up and waiting in line at the buffet, even a large venue can feel smaller. Consequently, the area between tables can get clogged with people and smaller venues can get uncomfortable. A plated menu has the benefit of keeping everyone seated, so only the wait staff is moving around.

Interaction Among Guests

Assigning seats at a wedding can sometimes keep guests apart that would otherwise enjoy being at the same table. Having a plated menu forces guests to converse with those at the table, at least until the meal is over. With a buffet, guests can mingle in line and serve themselves, regardless of where they are seated to eat. It’s easy to see that both options have their own pros and cons. Consider what fits your style and your budget, then make the choice that will add the perfect touch to your wedding.

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