You are planning a wedding and have so many details to worry about. But, you should be able to enjoy your engagement and wedding planning. So, leave the stress of designing wedding invitations to a pro and hire a wedding stationery designer!

Not so sure if you should hire one? Well, here are five reasons why hiring a stationery designer for your wedding invitations is a top priority.

1. First Impressions

Your guests first impression of your wedding day will be your wedding invitations. Because of this, all of the small details of your invitations should tie together to tell your Love Story. The design of your wedding invitation should reflect both you as a couple and the type of wedding that you are having. This will make make sure your invitations tell a story and get your guests excited for your big day! When you hire a stationery designer you are hiring someone who is capable of elevating your wedding by creating beautiful pieces that aren’t cookie-cutter invitations you can buy in bulk at the store.

2. Limitless Options

Your wedding invitations should be as unique as you two. No cookie-cutter invitations over here! When you work with a stationery designer you will be able to play around with different elements like a venue sketch, colors, wax seals, ribbons, etc. that truly make your invitations YOU. No matter if you choose a semi-custom collection or decide on a totally custom design, you can bring your vision to life.

3. Etiquette

Do you know all the dos and don’ts of wedding invitations? Don’t worry, we do! Hiring a stationery designer means you won’t have to worry about using correct wording or addressing your envelopes correctly. We also make sure you know when each piece of your wedding stationery needs mailed and when to require responses. You will always be informed and know what the next step will be.

Grab our Wedding Invitation Guide here for more timeline etiquette details.

4. Revisions

By working with your very own designer, you get to make little changes to your designs that will make them perfect for the two of you. You’ll get to incorporate special wording if you’d like and very specific colors, all of which might be hard to find without working with a designer. Depending on your designer, you will be able to make adjustments and tweaks until your wedding invitations are perfect for you.

5. Quality Control

When you hire a wedding stationery designer you can rest assured you are getting the best quality money can buy. Stationery designers use high-quality materials, plus you won’t ever need to worry about bleed and crop marks, CMYK color vs RBG, Pantone swatches, vector graphics, design software, and all of the other things that go along with design work.

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